Thursday, April 20, 2006

Finally - Off the Soup.

After 10 days or so of liquified food, Jane decided that she should start on solids.
She prepared a simple meal for us of boiled fish, steamed vegetables and a small amount of steamed rice.

I sat at the dining room table and Jane excitedly carried over our meals and placed them in front of us.
I started to eat, but Jane paused. After a few deep breaths and some nervous glances at me she gingerly fed a small amount of rice into her mouth. Chewing for a full minute she finally plucked up the courage to swallow it.
Almost immediately it got stuck!

She looked uncomfortable as she rubbed her chest and motioned to me that it had not gone down. Out of habit she grabbed her glass and swallowed a large mouthful of water.

She stood up from the table and, expecting to vomit, she took a step towards the outside door. She stood rigid momentarily and then fell backwards! - She had blacked out on her feet!

Her head landed with a loud crack on the tiled kitchen floor and she lay there stunned looking at the ceiling. - I stood over her and called her name, her eyes were glazed over and she looked dead!!

I had done a first aid course about a month before and I knew that I had to get her into the 'recovery position'. As I stooped to grab her arm she made a blood curdling gurgling sound and water gushed from the sides of her mouth! - I was quite shocked and stood stunned for a moment thinking that she had gone!

I grabbed her arm and pulled , as I raised her from the floor she regained consciousness and started to pull away from me, at the same time she shouted out, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?....GET OFF ME!!!!"

She stood up and appeared disorientated. She had no idea what had happened and I had to explain to her that she had just been to heaven's door and back!!!

We scraped the food into the bin and opened another can of soup!!


Blogger Sammysue78 said...

OMG, this sounds like my nightmare. I just got my band on Monday and am in the midst of the liquids phase, and I'm afraid that I'll choke to death too, once I start solids. Sounds like it just made a good blog post, and no one was hurt though! LOL, good story. Sammysue78

2:30 PM  
Blogger Marvin B. Stokes said...

Hang in there Sammysue!!!

It gets better.

Jane has lost 43 Kilos so far and has had her band adjusted so that her weight loss has been slowed. She is now slowly approaching her goal weight of 59 kilos and then she will stop.

Good luck with your op!

Please let us know how you go. - I shall expect regular updates!!!

2:27 AM  
Blogger Marvin B. Stokes said...

check out our fellow 'Bansters' blog at :

to find out how 'sammysue' is going!

2:30 AM  

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