Friday, February 02, 2007



It was 9:30 on a Saturday Morning and I was having a sleep in.

A squeal of delight had echoed from within the bathroom. It was Jane.

What was going on I wondered?, have we won the Lottery?

I'd better get out of bed and find out what all the noise was about.

No sooner had I placed my feet on the carpet when Jane came running excitedly into the bedroom. With a toothbrush still in her mouth and a wet towel wrapped around her head, she jumped onto the bed causing it to bounce like a rowing boat at sea.

"I'm under 70 kilos", She shouted excitedly.

This was a 'milestone' to which Jane had been heading for the last year. The weight, which had initially rapidly fallen from her body, had slowed down to the point where somedays the scales were up by half a kilo and other days it was down by the same amount.

Jane had become frustrated by seeing a small loss, and nearing her 70 kg target in the morning, for example, and by lunch time that loss had turned into a gain!

But now she had finally achieved what she had thought was unachievable. She had lost a total of 44 Kilograms and was now 68.9 kgs. She had another appointment next week with the specialist and was worried that she was going to have to give him bad news, but now she had nothing to worry about as her weightloss had been continuing all the time, all be it at a reduced rate.

I was happy for her and knew that she felt great about herself. I thought to myself that now she could say to the doctor that she had done what she had set out to achieve and that no more liquid needed to be added to the lap band. She would be happy to stay at this weight.

How wrong I was!

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