Monday, December 11, 2006

Before and after photo

Here is a photo showing Jane in a before and after pose.

Photos of Jane are very few and far between because she hates to see herself in a picture because of her size.

The original picture was taken about 8 months ago when we were building our new house. We had gone to look at the 'frame' stage and I managed to get a snap of Jane standing in what was to become our entrance hall.

At this time she was dressed in black and is on the left of the picture.

The picture on the right is of Jane about 3 months ago. I told her that I wanted a before and after comparison shot and she obliged by standing in a similair pose.

I have used 'Paint shop pro' to place her in the original picture. I was very careful to get the heights the same for a true comparison.

Atround this time Jane had lost about 25 Kgs in 5 to 6 months!

Don't forget that she has since lost nearly ten kilos more!

Friday, December 08, 2006

She's "Hit the Wall'

6 Months on
and Jane has seen little change in her weight.
What started off as an exciting adventure of weight loss , with weekly results , has finally slowed to a STOP!

At 70 Kilos, Jane's body has 'Hit the Wall' and refuses to shed anymore weight this is despite her nightly ritual of regergitating any 'excess' food which she may have consumed at tea.

Having lost 33 Kilos, and looking great for it, Jane still wants to regain her former weight of 55 kgs. It would seem, however, that her body has found a weight with which it is comfortable, and it is happy to remain at this weight no matter what.

Wether her metabolism has reached rock-bottom or it is something else, she has remained fluctuating between 70 and 74 Kgs for at least the last 3 months despite her best efforts.

So it was back to the specialist for a six monthly review.

He was quite suprised to hear that she was able to eat a whole sandwich.

"Usually, people struggle when eating bread" , he said.

What was the solution? Jane wanted to lose more weight and probably could quite comfortably without suffering any ill effects.

The specialist makes a decision to give her a small 'Top-Up'. In other words he is willing to add more solution to her lap-band to increase it's restriction on the stomach. Before he adds any new, he has to assure himself of the amount still present in the Lap-band.

What he does is using a hypodermic syringe he pricks through the skin and into the Lap-band reservoir. He then draws all of the fluid out and records how much there is ( 4 cc ) he then adds .25 cc extra fluid and re-injects it into the reservoir.

Jane is excited. She believes that this will 'jump start' her weightloss again and help to quickly get her to her goal weight!
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