Saturday, March 25, 2006

Admission to Hospital

So finally, the day had come. It was the day of the operation and I had taken the day off work to drive my wife, Jane, to the hospital. It was an old building set two blocks from the beach in Williamstown, Victoria. The front of it was adorned with brick relief patterns, ornate cornices and winged angels. It was only now that I first thought that my wife of 20 years was going to have an operation!

I suddenly became concerned that she could actually die! - Complications do sometimes occur. The angels reminded me that not only are hospitals places of renewed health and life but they are also places of death.

We parked the car and gathered her things. An overnight bag containing a new tub of face cream, a toothbrush and paste, a new nightie and an assortment of women's magazines. As we walked to the door we were met by a stern looking nurse wearing starched uniform. She directed us to the ward. I felt like I was walking my wife to the gallows. I did not show it, but I had butteflies in my stomach. This could be the last time that I saw her! The smell of disenfectant and floor polish added to my feeling of nausea.

Monday, March 13, 2006

The Referral

Two years ago, Jane had been to our local GP, probably, once a month or so, complaining about her weight. Health issues included high blood pressure and general lack of stamina. Tying her shoelaces would leave Jane short of breath and suffering from hot flushes.

She had tried all the medications our GP was willing to prescribe, from laxatives to Tenuate Dospan. She had gone on a calorie controlled diet and using a calorie counting book and a diary she initially had some success. It was short lived, however, and she was tipping the scales at 103 Kg.

OK, she probably could have been worse, but when you think that she was 58Kg when I first met her she was now nearly twice the woman I fell in love with! Somewhat paradoxically, I loved her half as much as I did! Us males are so shallow and part of our love is calculated according to physical attraction; there was no doubt that I did not find her as attractive as I once did, and I often found myself dwelling on the past and how things were.

Some people joke about being overweight and say things like "I need some cushion when I'm a pushin'!" but alas it was not for me!

The good news was, however, that the Doctor had admitted that her condition needed the assistance of a specialist. There was no physical or medical reason for her continual weight gain and he referred my wife to a surgeon in Williamstown, Victoria, whom he believed would be able to help. The surgeon in question was a specialist in 'Lapband Surgery'.

Friday, March 10, 2006

What's this about?

My wife, Jane, has recently had lap-band surgery.

At 45 years old and weighing in at 113 Kgs, she finally stated that she was unhappy with the way she looked and wished to do something drastic to change the situation.

We have been married for 20 years and have three teenage sons. Since the birth of our first son, Jane has watched her weight steadily increase over the years. No amount of dieting and exercise seemed to have any effect. At one time she was going to Aerobics exercise classes twice a day for 6 days aweek, but still the kilos slowly piled on!

Stay tuned for updated pictures and more of this roller-coaster ride towards a 'normal' lifestyle.

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