Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Another Monthly Check-up

Once a month Jane has to go back to the Specialist for a check-up. I always manage to have the day off so that she doesn't have to go on her own. I don't go into the consultation room with her because I hate 'needles'; instead I wait in the waiting room whilst she is being seen.

It's strange, only a few months ago, she was a "fat person" ! She was one of these people sitting here waiting for the consultation that will possibly change their lives. These people had probably walked some 100 yards from where they had parked their cars. They waddle in and drop onto the seats , breathless & sweaty. The chairs all but vanish beneath there ample rear ends! - Now I am thinking about it, we have parked further away each time we have visited. - Walking doesn't seem to be as much as a chore as it used to be!

I wait patiently ( No pun intended ) and finally Jane reappears and calls my name. I look up and she beckons for me to follow her out. She has already seen the doctor and made her next appointment. I'm a little bit dissapointed as I was watching an episode of Jerry Springer on the waiting room TV, I had momentarily forgotten why I was there!

As we walk to the car I ask her some standard questions. -

"How much do you weigh now?"

"I'm down to 85 Kilos!"

"Did you make your next appointment?"


"Did the doctor give you a top up?"

She doesn't answer immediately!...

" J...aaaaa...nnnnn...e!.....did he give you a top up?"

"Noooooo" she says.......

I know by the look in her eyes that she is not telling me the complete truth! - I punch her in the arm lightly and ask again:

" Did he put more fluid in your band? - I think he should have taken some out if anything! , You've been throwing up so much the last month!!!"

"Ummmm!...." She says, rolling her eyes to the sky.

I punch her in the arm again, this time a little bit harder.

"You're lying to me aren't you?!", I ask.

"No", She says.

I grab her and pull up her top exposing her stomach. I'm looking for the tell-tale sticking plaster that will be on her stomach covering the puncture wound from the hypodermic needle.

She, as always, is one step ahead of me. She must have removed the evidence before she called out to me in the surgery. I believe what she says.

When we get home and have tea, however, I am more than aware that she has lied to me. She has put her own comfort and health second place. She is determined to look good when we hoilday in 2 months time!!
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